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un grand méchant loup

I saw "Brave" last night and really enjoyed it. The only thing that nettled me SLIGHTLY was that the kick-ass, girl power heroine had to solve her crisis by... wait for it... SEWING. But other than that it was definitely worth seeing. These icons are made from promotional images and screencaps from the trailer. Mostly of Merida, because there were other characters?

There are also a few bigger images, just because I liked this coloring.

No warnings, unless you count trailer spoilers?




Caps are from google, fanpop, disneyscreencaps, briannathestrange and braveconfessions (tumblr).

Terms of Use:
- Comments & credit are appreciated.
- These images are the property of their respective creators.

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I really like these icons and the way you captured the different aspects of Merida's character using various expressions and while I agree that Brave was good, but not perfect, I have to disagree with your nitpick. Merida didn't solve her problem by sewing. Mending the tapestry didn't break the curse. What broke the spell and fixed everything was Merida realizing what her mother meant to her and the importance of understanding that she was only trying to do what was best for her, even if she was going about it the wrong way.

Thanks. And yeah, I see what you mean. I did understand the significance of the tapestry as a metaphor but I just wished it could've been something she had to weld or hew from stone, you know? It's totally nitpicky. I liked pretty much everything else, though. I hope more screencaps surface soon.

To be completely fair, I get what you're saying. When I went into the movie, I was expecting more of a quest based storyline where Merida would have to go on some sort of literal journey in order to find herself and was surprised when it turned in to the typical Pixar buddy dynamic with Merida and her mom. So yeah, I'm with you there. I wish there had been more action, but I did enjoy the story as it was.

totally taking a couple of these! & will be sure to credit you! thank you so much (:

(Deleted comment)
Lovely colouring! Snagged a few, will credit anything I use.

taking 4 and 17 :) thanks a bunch! Will credit!

These are beautiful. Taking 2 and 18, will credit. Thank you.

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